We offer a range of assessments which can be used in conjunction with our training or coaching programmes or as stand alone development tools.  Ruth Boulton is a trained and accredited provider of Thomas International assessments.

About Thomas

Thomas International is the global champion of the people assessment industry, providing assessments in 56 languages with a presence in over 60 countriesAt the forefront of assessment innovation for over 35 years, Thomas are passionate about providing tools and solutions that help change lives in business, education and sport.


Personal Profile Analysis


Using an easy to complete on-line psychometric assessment will give you and the individual an insight into how they behave at work, their strengths and their areas for development. Individual feedback is given, followed by discussions with the line manager to maximise strengths and to plan development. We work closely with our clients throughout the process to review the results and to facilitate development of these into effective development plans. By comparing profiles of managers and those reporting to them, we are able to see how best to manage the person and where potential conflicts may arise. A few ‘tweaks’ often make a big difference. 

This assessment is a useful tool at any stage of an individual’s career to really help them to maximise their potential.

It can also be used as part of a recruitment process, for example it works particularly well between first and second interviews.


Thomas’ behavioural assessment Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, giving you a greater level of certainty when recruiting, identifying where to maximise your learning and development budget and understanding where to boost morale to avoid staff turnover.

It will also enable you to spend less time managing your underperformers and focus more time on those who will truly drive your business forward. Thomas PPA takes only 8 minutes to complete. You are then provided with an initial profile detailing a person’s strengths and limitations, their communication style, their value to the business, what motivates them, their basic fears and how they behave under pressure.




We have had outstanding results using this 360 degree on-line questionnaire.  Feedback is gathered from line managers, team members and customers (internal or external) and compared with the individual’s own perception.  We use this as a starting point for a discussion to improve their own awareness of their performance and their impact upon others.  The inputs are anonymous within each group which we find results in honest and constructive views being given.




360 provides your business with an objective framework for identifying performance gaps, developing self-awareness and creating an environment for constructive and honest feedback. This assessment quickly and easily enables people to gather performance feedback from their managers, colleagues, team members and customers and then compare this feedback with their own perception of their performance. It also enables you to identify how self-aware your employees are and understand the impact they have on the rest of the organisation.


Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire



Much is spoken about ’emotional intelligence’ nowadays and especially in relation to an individual’s effectiveness at managing and communicating with others.  This assessment offers individual insight into various aspects of EI and helps to identify where and how the individual can develop to maximise their performance.  It is particularly helpful in improving relationships, enhancing communications and developing people management.



The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) is an emotional intelligence assessment designed to tell you how well your people understand and manage their emotions, how well they interpret and deal with the emotions of others and how they use this knowledge to manage relationships.

The TEIQue gives your people the edge they need to perform in today’s complex business environment. It equips you and your employees with the tools to understand their strengths and limitations, how they react to pressure, how well they can develop new relationships and how self-motivated and adaptable they are. This insight allows action plans to be put in place to develop your leaders.

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) was developed, and is continually updated, by K. V. Petrides, PhD at his London Psychometric Laboratory.  It is one of the world’s best-researched and most widely applied psychometric instruments.  For more information about the scientific pedigree of the TEIQue, visit  www.psychometriclab.com.


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