Working individually with middle and senior managers to provide on-going development covering their roles, business, teams and professional growth, we provide one-to-one support and development interventions to fast track an individual’s development in key areas.

Coaching targets learning on the individual’s specific development areas, providing relevant inputs to accelerate their progress.

Mentoring helps individuals  (or small groups facing the same issues) work through situations through questioning and exploring issues using a variety of supportive techniques.

Objectives and requirements are determined on a case-by-case basis with the client and set out in a written agreement so that the intervention can be targeted to bring the results required.

The format and length of the sessions is fully flexible. Individual sessions are normally a maximum of four hours in duration.

Our Director, Ruth Boulton, has experienced great success with mentoring and coaching activities. She is relaxed in her approach and targeted to achieve outcomes.

Mentoring and coaching successes include:

  • development of personnel to expand skill sets within existing roles
  • progressing individuals to the next level in their careers
  • enabling newly promoted managers to make the most of the opportunities in their new roles
  • guiding senior managers and business owners through key strategic decisions
  • tackling interpersonal, communication and perception issues
  • supporting people with progression through professional qualifications (including CIPD and Master of Employment Law)

To discuss your potential mentoring or coaching requirements please contact us